Kamis, 09 Desember 2010


wednesday, December 8th ' 2010
with bebeb watching harry potter
can't wait to watch the second part
ahay !

Thursday, December 2nd' 2010

with bebeb, janet,renvie,daniel
watching slayers

to fill empy time, we went to citraland, accompany danie to find a gift for his friend.

bebeb already finished college and come with and watch together

after we had finished watching, we must to come back again because we still have class

tuesday, December 7th' 2010

met riska & antony
went to CP

Sunday, December 5th'2010

daddy birthday :)
lunch @ Tekko, puri
went to Gandaria City & Senayan City


Selasa, 30 November 2010

happy 9th birthday, bella!

friday November 26th' 2010

small birthday party @ our home

happy birthday bella !!!

goodbye November !

Tuesday November, 30th ' 2010

today is the first day of class after midterms had just passed

my PTI score is 88, although not the highest value but I was very grateful as it gets grade A

Today in class there is also a discussion group which is quite exciting about personal technology

and my group discuss about smartphone

after PTI class, i had lunch with gaby and daniel in a small stall in front of Anggrek Campus

I ate tempura & sosis with rice, yummy !

bebeb would come pick me up at the campus, while waiting him, i with fanny, janet, marcel, ricat waiting @Student Lounge Anggrek Campus and do some photoshoots with my lappie...

(special thanks to Ricat which has helped to push the button on the lappy)



at the end of this month, i hope every badluck that i had experienced will end too.amen

my big wish I hope have a wonderful Christmas with family and boyfriend ....


Minggu, 28 November 2010

wedding party

sunday, November 28th ' 2010
wedding party @ Shangrila Hotel

i went with pap, mom, and bella.
onne chan (laura) stayed at home to do her assignment and also marco stayed at home too.

dress (@ Jeans Republic), shoes (@Debenhams), Necklace & bag (unbrand), belt (mom's)


bebeb is sick ... just go to the doctor and must cure for 3 days ...hopefully a speedy recovery and can move normally again

Kamis, 25 November 2010

3 days to enjoy life

tuesday, November 16th ' 2010

first day of my mid exam...
aljabar linear

after done with my exam..
having pancake with janet, marcel, daniel, renvie

Wednesday, November 17th ' 2010

I went with my beloved boyfriend ....
we went to the ITC mangga dua, we use the train in the city ...

It was my first time using the train, and I feel very happy

I bought 2 pieces of clothing ... harem pants and short jeans

My boyfriend helped me in choosing these clothes

I am very happy because I shop using my own work

experiences that are truly impressive:)

I tried to modify my laptop desktop, I get an application from Janet and I download from kaskus ...

bebeb describe a picture for me :)

thursday, November 18th ' 2010

I helped ci yena in making her task

I became a model who is playing the violin to take the image into a silhouette image

we went to several places, first to the old town, but due to lack of good lighting, we decided to move to ancol

before that we had lunch in the ITC Mangga dua (again) hahaha

after that we went ancol and take some pictures ...

after completion, we were resting at starbucks Emporium, Pluit while waiting for ci yena's mom

what a tiring day but having a lot of fun:)

Sabtu, 13 November 2010


Friday, November 12th ' 2010

After graduation exercises for the JCC, we met at Puri... and decided to watch Red.

a Very satisfying movie.....


Raised from the novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner

Frank (Bruce Willis), Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John
Malkovich) and Victoria (Helen Mirren), is a top agent
CIA - but they know a secret makes
they become the main target of the CIA. Currently, a case
murder requires that they re-worked and
using all the experience to chase the target and
to survive. In order to stop the action
killings, the team was doing cross-country mission
the impossible in order to enter into secret CIA headquarters,
where they found one of the biggest conspiracy
and never revealed in the history of government

Jumat, 12 November 2010

HAIR CUT.... i HATE you....

thursday, November 11th ' 2010

I hate the salon especially aunt who has cut my hair ..
I cry at home in shock to see my new hair.
I do not feel uncomfortable and less confident with my new hair
I prefer to have long hair

but I really hate what I have experienced hair loss ..
fall out, fall out and fall off ....

I will try to take care of my hair so that later I have long hair and beautiful and certainly did not fall again



which hairstyle is more suitable for me?
I certainly prefer the long hair model ....

I want my hair back ..... HUKS